Bowsandballons.dk is operated by:

Teglholm Østkaj 69, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

Tel.: +45 31 54 54 15
E-mail: info@bowsandballoons.dk
CVR-nr.: 35514139

Bows and balloons’ general terms and conditions are valid for any and every sale and delivery from bows & balloons, unless a written agreement has been entered into by you and bows & balloons regarding a specific purchase or delivery, or unless the terms and conditions are contrary to given consumer regulations.

When you shop at bowsandballoons.dk, the transaction will be subject to general danish legislation regarding purchase and contract law, including consumer sales. As a consumer you are protected by current legislation, primarily those concerning the sale of goods and consumer contracts.

Bows & balloons will not keep an actual copy of the agreement between you and bowsandballoons.dk, but will keep a digital copy of the details of the agreement. You are therefore required to keep your own proof of trade with bowandballoons.dk. Your delivery will contain an invoice, which will act as proof of your purchase. You will be required to provide this document in case of any complaints, refunds or possible replacement of goods.


Once you’ve received the product it is your responsibility. Bows & balloons will not be held accountable for issues or events that fall outside the scope of danish legislation. Any disagreement between yourself and notaben will be settled according to Danish law in the city court of Copenhagen.


If you wish to complain about a product purchased at bows & balloons, you as our customer are always welcome to contact our customer service. Bows & balloons customer service can be contacted by e-mail and phone. Our contact information can be found on our website under ‘contact’ at the bottom of our front page.

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